These are the only grounds - or reasons - on which you may appeal where the vehicle has been clamped or removed:

  1. The contravention did not occur - for example, the contravention did not happen as stated on the Penalty Charge Notice or the prohibition was not properly signed.
  2. At the time the vehicle was clamped or removed there was no power to do so or the power had not arisen - for example, the vehicle was in a parking place and a penalty charge notice had been served for failure: 
    • (a) to pay the parking charge;
    • (b) properly to display a ticket or parking device; or
    • (c) to remove the vehicle at the end of paid for time and less than 30 minutes (or 15 minutes if there are 3 or more penalty charge notices outstanding in respect of the vehicle) had elapsed since the penalty charge notice had been given.
  3. The vehicle was parked by someone in control of it without the owner’s consent - for example, the vehicle was improperly parked after being stolen
  4. The vehicle was not parked in a civil enforcement area.
  5. The penalty or other charge paid to have the vehicle released exceeded the amount applicable - for example, you are being asked to pay the wrong amount for the penalty charge.
  6. There has been a procedural impropriety on the part of the Enforcement Authority - for example, a failure to observe any requirement of the enforcement law such as a breach of a time limit.
  7. A penalty charge notice had not been fixed to the vehicle or handed to the driver before the vehicle was removed. [REMOVAL ONLY]
  8. A current disabled person’s badge was displayed on the vehicle. [CLAMP ONLY]