London Tribunals holds separate statutory registers for appeal cases heard by the Environment and Traffic Adjudicators and the Road User Charging Adjudicators.

The registers can be accessed through this website.

Before accessing the registers, please read our privacy statement, which gives important information about the data we collect and how we use it.

Access the statutory registers

The registers allow you to:

  • Browse entries a day at a time.

  • Search for entries by specific information, such as date, appellant name and PCN number.

The registers are updated in real time. Whilst the information is correct at the time of any search, it may be subject to change.

Appeals that are referred to the tribunal by way of a statutory declaration or witness statement may not be available on these registers. If you would like to view the register entry for any case that is not available online, please send us your request by email and we will send you a copy. Our email address can be found in the contact section.

To ensure the integrity of our electronic systems, we do refresh them every Sunday at 8pm. This may result in a very short time when the appellant portal is unavailable. If this does happen, please try again, as it will be unavailable only for a few minutes