The following information applies equally to Congestion Charge, Low Emission Zone and Ultra Low Emission Zone enforcement.

The legal grounds - reasons - upon which you can appeal against your Penalty Charge Notice(s) are as follows:

  1. that the recipient
    1. never was the registered keeper in relation to the vehicle in question; or
    2. had ceased to be the person liable before the date on which the vehicle was used or kept on a road in a charging area; or
    3. became the person liable after that date;
  2. that the charge payable for the use or keeping of the vehicle on a road on the occasion in  question was paid at the time and in the manner required by the charging scheme;
  3. that no penalty charge is payable under the charging scheme; 
  4. that the vehicle had been used or kept, or permitted to be used or kept on a road by a person who was in control of the vehicle without the consent of the registered keeper;
  5. that the penalty charge exceeded the amount applicable in the circumstances of the case;
  6. that the recipient is a vehicle hire-firm and;
    1. the vehicle in question was at the material time hired from that firm under a hiring agreement; and
    2. the person hiring it had signed a statement of liability acknowledging liability in respect of any penalty charge notice imposed in relation to the vehicle during the currency of the hiring agreement.