These are the only grounds - or reasons - on which you may appeal against a bus lane Penalty Charge Notice

  1. I was not the owner at the material time
    For example, the vehicle was sold before or bought after the contravention occurred. You MUST supply the full name and address of the buyer or seller if you have it. Note: under the London Local Authorities Act 1996 the owner, not the driver, is normally liable for a penalty charge.
  2. There was no breach of the bus lane order/ regulation
    For example, the vehicle was not in a bus lane during its hours of operation/ the restrictions were not properly signed, the vehicle was exempt from the restrictions or the penalty exceeded the amount applicable.
  3. The person who was in control of the vehicle at the time was in control without my consent
    For example, the vehicle was driven in the bus lane after being stolen.
  4. The police are taking action
    Instead of the local authority imposing a civil penalty under their powers, the police are taking criminal action against the driver at the time of the alleged breach. This ground applies if the driver of the vehicle has received a Fixed Penalty Notice or a Notice of Intended Prosecution for the same breach.