Below is an example of how to make an application for a review of the RUCA adjudicator’s decision.

Head of Support Services
London Tribunals
PO Box 10598


Dear Madam, 

Application for Review
Case number:
Penalty Charge Notice number:
Date of Adjudicator’s decision:

Following the decision of Adjudicator Mr/Miss [insert Adjudicator’s name] in which my appeal was refused, I now wish to apply to the adjudicator for a review of the decision under Regulation 12  of the Schedule to The Road User Charging (Enforcement and Adjudication) (London) Regulations 2001. I am making this application within 14 days of the date of the adjudicator’s decision.

I am seeking review on the following ground(s):

[delete as appropriate]

  • I consider that the decision was wrongly made because of an error by administrative staff.
  • I failed to appear or be represented at a hearing for good reason.
  • There is new evidence, the existence of which could not have been reasonably known or foreseen before the adjudicator’s decision.
  • The interests of justice require a review.

My reasons for applying for a review are as follows:

[insert a full explanation why you are seeking a review].

I attach the following additional evidence:

[give details of any new evidence or documents you are attaching].

I would like my application to be considered by the adjudicator at a postal/personal hearing [delete as appropriate].